Dan De Ment Fine Art on Facebook

I have just begun a Facebook Business Page to compliment this blog, my Dan De Ment Fine Art  at Fine Art America, and my Instagram Page.  Many of the pictures will be duplicates at first until I decide which cameras to use for which site. (I know this may not be the best way to go about it but it will save me thinking to much…remember I’m 74 and thinking to much could cause a, “Melt Down,” in my case.

Dan De Ment Fine Art on Facebook

Dan O. De Ment

The Apprehensive Blue Jay


This Blue Jay is posted on my sales site @ Dan De Ment Fine Art.  Perhaps showcasing our work on our blog’s once in a while will generate more interest – as a group – and line up a few more followers.  It’s worth a shot!  This post is not a sales pitch … it’s a suggestion to create more followers only!

©Dan O. De Ment

Artie the curious Squirrel


I shot this image many years ago.  I found it in my archives this morning and, if recollection is correct, I posted it a long time ago.  I subseqently lost my hard drive to a virus and thought the image was lost forever.  I don’t know if any of you ever saw the original post or not…anyway, you’re seeing him now!  “Artie was a pieceawork.”  He came around for a couple years and was always looking for peanuts.

Dan O. De Ment

Orange Skyline at Dusk


Over the years I’ve posted skyline images when they really jump out at me.  A couple weeks ago, when we still had a bit of snow – there is no snow here now and none expected throughout January – again the sky lit up around dusk.  Hope you enjoy!

Dan O. De Ment

Cardinals enjoying the first big snow of the season a couple years back


Everyone is hungry when the cold and snow settle in for the wintery season.  Some of you may have seen this image in the past and since there is no snow in some areas of the Midwest – and none predicted, at this time throughout the month of January, I thought I’d re-post it for those of you who had not had a chance to view a few of the Cardinals. That winter we had as many as 20 at a time feeding on our feeder’s.

Dan O. De Ment