The Bush is turning Crimson


I was shooting in Peoria Heights the other day and noticed the above bush’s leaves turning a crimson color.  I had parked my car right along side what use to be, back in the day, a Pabst Brewing Plant.  It’s long since been turned into an office building.  Anyway, the bush was right next to the car on the passenger side and I didn’t notice the color changes until walking back to the car.  So much for a photographer noticing everything.

Dan O. De Ment




I’m back to my Favorite Theme

Well, I tried numerous other themes today and none of them came up to my expectations – for my needs my long-time theme is best.  My right hand menu was all over the place with most of the themes I tried. Hopefully things won’t get goofed up again.  If they do I’ll just keep working until I straighten it out – again.  Thanks for hanging in there with me today.

Dan O. De Ment


Small Fir tree


This small Fir Tree was transplanted to its present place, in our back garden, last year.  It has grown a bit and has an excellent formation.

Dan O. De Ment

We have a Problem, Folks

I am going to change,THEMES, to see if I can correct my current problem. My right hand menu system is laying over my posts.  We’ll see what happens.

Dan O. De Ment

The Orange Leaves of Fall


I shoot this tree each fall as it’s one of the first Maples to present its Fall Colors.  I’m never quite sure what shade of orange will appear.

Dan O. De Ment