Sunrise through the Trees

I caught this image yesterday morning.  I liked the way it lit the trees from back to front in different color saturation.  The fir tree got my attention almost as if saying, look at me, but, yet I was drawn to the sunlight.

Dan O. De Ment

Copyright 2012 Dan O. De Ment All Rights Reserved

Walking throught the Woodland

This walking bridge is located a few hundred yards from the Illinois River and  snakes its way along for a few hundred yards through the woodland.  It’s marshy and water can come up to and beyond the bridge.  There’s a small park at one end of the walkway and boat ramps and a parking lot at the other.  I added a bit of tint to the surface, for fun, using Photoshop Elements 6.

Dan O. De Ment

Copyright 2o12 Jean De Ment All Rights Reserved