The Morning Sun

Sun Rising into the Trees_edited-1

Sun Shining through the Trees_edited-1

The other morning I captured the top image just as the sun was beginning to cover the tree.  About a half hour later the Sun had moved to the point where you see it in the bottom image.  I thought it was neat.  I hope you do.  Honestly, I had no intention of taking the bottom image.  I just happened to look outside and was happy to see what had taken place.

Dan O. De Ment


“Dan has not left the Building.”

I’ve been busy with work around home recently  – painting and such -and now one of my daughters is coming to visit for a month.

I’ll be out and shooting in the next week or two. “Don’t run off!”

Dan O. De Ment

Muffin snoozing on our Deck


I had been scraping our deck to paint it for the year – you can see some scraping in the left foreground.  I went into the house for a while,  and when I looked through our sliding glass door there was Muffin right where I’d been working. I cropped this image the best I could to cut out the other scraping around her.  By the way, the deck is now painted.

Dan O. De Ment