Landscaping – always a continuing process


We have been doing some landscaping over the past years.  Just beyond our fence is the bicycle/walking/jogging track developed and laid by our Park District.  My wife, Jean, with the help of one of our daughter’s, Stephanie, get all the credit here. The work in progress,  the upper left of the image, is a Trumpet Vine.  The large trellis has yet to be fastened to the fence.  It’s attached to a smaller trellis with green garden tape/velcro at this point.

Dan O. De Ment


6 thoughts on “Landscaping – always a continuing process”

    1. Thank you!..This one is two or three years old and has never bloomed. We hope it will this year. It is healthy! We had one at our home in Dallas ando it was a real bloomer. This is father’said day in the States and one of my daughter’so and son-in-law are taking me to a baseball game. We have a St. Louis Cardinals farm team here.

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