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Coming soon to a Neighborhood near You









The Block Editor is not for the faint of heart. I am going NUTS attempting to enlarge the FONT UNER THE IMAGE. (Thank you very much.)

Yes, snow will be coming soon. We may even bypass the FALL and start early. I know this how? GUESS!

It’s getting down to the upper 30’s ovenight here next week.

I know you’ve seen these images before but I believe they tell what’s to come.

Have a nice day.

Dan O. De Ment (Old and Tired)






Morning Light on the Leaves

The light just hit a few leaves making them appear to have a yellowish hue.

Dan O. De Ment

Beautiful Doe


This pretty gal was outside our kitchen window this morning.  My wife, Jean was washing dishes, looked up, yelled Dan come with your camera there’s a Doe out here.  I grabbed my Samsung Tablet and took these images.

Dan O. De Ment




An update on our birds.

Well, it appears our Female Cardinal has abandoned her nest. We had a rain a few days ago and she has been nowhere to be seen since. The good news is a Catbird seems to be taking some interest in the abandoned nest.

In the front of our condo a Robin is building a nest right outside our kitchen window. She’s been very busy.

I’ll try and get some pictures as soon as it warms up a stops raining – somtime next week.

Here’s a look at how green things are becoming in our neighborhood.

Dan o. De Ment




A Bunny Rabbit

This is only the third rabbbit we’ve seen since we moved into our Condo in September.  Remember, our sliding glass back door goess onto a deck and then the woods.  “Five giant steps and we’re in the woods!” All of a sudden, this morning, there was the bunny.  When I first saw her she was just on the other side of the black fenching.  (Some clown tilted the fence on me just as I shot this.🤣)

Dan O. De Ment

Female Cardinal on her Nest

4-16-2020  Well, she’s on the nest for the second day in a row.  She disappeared for a day or so.  We had a littlet snow.  Tonight we could get three to five inches.  I don’t know if the eggs will make it.   Meanwhile, I don’t know where the male flew off to.  We haven’t seen him feeding her. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Dan O. De Ment


Love My Walnuts

This litte fella found another walnut.  I don’t know why he’s got his ear’s back a little.


Dan O. De Ment

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