Solitary Male Cardinal


I shot this handsome rascal in February 2015.  He was watching his female who was flitting around in another bush across our backyard.

©Dan O. De Ment

Cardinals and Sparrows gather at the Feeders


This image was shot in February 2015.

©Dan O. De Ment


A Touch of Snow


I shot this image about a week ago.  There was just enough snow to cover the ground.  I shot this with my Canon Powershot A590 IS.

©Dan O. De Ment

Early Morning Light


I shot this image at 6:40AM this morning.  The white speck in the center is a street light a block over…not noise!

©Dan O. De Ment

Dan De Ment Fine Art on Facebook

I have just begun a Facebook Business Page to compliment this blog, my Dan De Ment Fine Art  at Fine Art America, and my Instagram Page.  Many of the pictures will be duplicates at first until I decide which cameras to use for which site. (I know this may not be the best way to go about it but it will save me thinking to much…remember I’m 74 and thinking to much could cause a, “Melt Down,” in my case.

Dan De Ment Fine Art on Facebook

Dan O. De Ment