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I would like my breakfast


This morning I opened the curtain on our sliding glass door and there sat our feral cat, Muffin, waiting for breakfast.  I had to shoot her through the window.  She doesn’t – and won’t – come in the house.

©Dan O. De Ment

My wife, Jean, grooming our Feral Cat, Muffin


Jean grooms Muffin when she can.  Sometimes Muffin walks or scurries away, but today she just plopped down and enjoyed the attention.  She’ll roll over, stretch out, or even lie on her side.  She often moves forward as she’s being groomed but always close to the ground.  She had a burr in her tail here and didn’t mind having it removed at all.  Jean didn’t know I was taking the picture but she’s a good sport and was OK with me posting this.  Muffin couldn’t have cared less.

Dan O. De Ment

Muffin on the Prowl


Muffin, our Feral Cat, was on the prowl, looking for who knows what, when I captured this image.  She looks either chubby or pregnant … there’s no way she could could be pregnant due to the capture, spade, and release program a number of years ago.  I managed a a slight bit of work in  Photoshop Elements 6 to sharpen and adjust the color so she’d look just like you’d see her in person. Enlarge for a better look!

Dan O. De Ment

Muffin, our Feral Cat, relaxing on the Deck.


We often find, Muffin, laying on the deck, looking through our sliding glass back door.  She doesn’t want anything more than the chance to see us and feel wanted – that’s how I feel anyway.  She bats her eyes when she sees either my wife or me and that seems to be enough for her at the time.  By the way, she’s slimmed down a bit over the summer.  This was taken some weeks ago.  It is now 6:50AM and I fed her at about 5:45 AM. When I pulled back the curtain to the deck this morning she was sitting there waiting for me…this is normal procedure for her.

Dan O. De Ment

Muffin, our Feral Cat, Suspect


Muffin, looking a bit suspect – or guilty, may or may not have knocked over the light.  I don’t think she did it, but, she refuses to talk.

Dan O. De Ment