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A Bed of Purple, Creeping Phlox

A Bed of Purple Phlox_edited-1_wm

This bed of Creeping Phlox is in our backyard flower garden.  Notice how it is creeping in between the stones.

©Dan O. De Ment

Our Blooming Back Yard

Blooming Back Yard_edited-1_wm

I took this image of our, blooming back yard, yesterday afternoon. Kindly enlarge to see the Daffodils is their glory.  Interestinly enoigh, the Flowering Crab’s Red Flowers started to open after this shot was taken.  I’ll load them later.


©Dan O. De Ment

Butterfly in Flight


One of our daughters caught this Butterfly in flight with her Smart Phone.

Dan O. De Ment

Purple Iris with light Blue Tint

PURPLE IRIS_edited-1

This Purple Iris, due to the ambient light/time of day , acquired this light blue tint.

Dan O. De Ment

Purple Crocus in Bloom


Five Crocus were in bloom yesterday morning.  If you enlarge you’ll get a better viewing as I had to take the image through the front window. They only bloom for a few days and then thery’re gone for another year. They are small, delicate, and eye-catching.

Dan O. De Ment