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Our Blooming Back Yard

Blooming Back Yard_edited-1_wm

I took this image of our, blooming back yard, yesterday afternoon. Kindly enlarge to see the Daffodils is their glory.  Interestinly enoigh, the Flowering Crab’s Red Flowers started to open after this shot was taken.  I’ll load them later.


©Dan O. De Ment

Day Lilies and a Frog Rain Gauge

Day Lilies and a Frog Rain Gage_edited-1

Dan O. De Ment

Hidden Robin’s Nest

Hidden Robin's Nest_edited-1_wm


I found this nest the other morning when the Robins kept flitting in and out of the tree – and when they sounded off if I got to close.  It’ best seen if you enlarge it.  Hint – check upper right area of the tree.



Muffin,our Feral Cat, on her way to the Back Yard

Muffin our Feral Cat on her way to the Back Yard_edited-1_wm

Muffin was strolling toward the back yard last summer to keep an eye on my wife while she worked in the back garden.

Dan O. De Ment

Backyard in early Spring 2015


I shot this image of our backyard a few days ago.  Everything is greening up and/or blooming.  The Lilac Bush on the left and the Flowering Crab on the right will soon lose all of their flowers and be leafy green until the fall.  Over the years the high voltage poles in the background have rusted somewhat which adds an earthy color (if you will) to the shot. That is a bed of Creeping Phlox in the foreground.

Dan O. De Ment