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Purple Iris

These Iris are no longer blooming.  They bloom early and then you don’t see them until the next spring.

Dan O. De Ment

Flowering Crab showers garden floor with pedals


The other morning I awoke, opened the curtain to our sliding glass back door, and saw the above.

Dan O. De Ment

Office Suites at Junction City

Junction City Office Complex_edited-1_wm

These office suites are part of a rustic, country style small business and restaurant complex named, Junction City.  Years ago, when the site first opened, there were two railroad dining cars on another area of the site that were attached to the main dining facility which was named, Vonachen’s Junction – after the man who built it.  It has long since been torn down and now a parking lot sets in its place.  I’ll shoot more images of the main facility this Spring and Summer.  The above shot was taken in 2014.

Dan O. De Ment



Springs flowers and Blossoming Trees and Bushes



Hopefully we’ll all get out and show off the new growth in our respective areas in the next few weeks.  Let’s get to work!

I stole the above image from a post a few years ago.  As of this posting these flowers are beginning to bloom in our backyard garden.

Dan O. De Ment

Backyard Fence with Trumpet Vine and Ribbon Grass


I showcased this image a couple years ago but decided to go back and spruce it up with a new Photo Editor. The new editor has a number of image altering advantages.

Dan O. De Ment

Mid-October Snow

Mid October Snow_edited-1

I’ve been around for 75 years and I’ve never seen it snow in Mid-October in Peoria County, Illinois.  It was 42 degrees at ground level so it must have been really cold up in the sky for the snow to reach ground level.  It did not stick but it was a sight to see.

Dan O. De Ment

I haven’t run off

Howdy:  Sorry I haven’t posted a while.  You’d think someone who loves photograpy would have something new to offer.  Well, I actually posted the same image of our cat, Ming, twice, athough under different titles.  How odd is that?  Do you think I’m losing it?   I can’t believe I did it …  I did and it’s done.

Anyway, I will be out and shooting new images during the upcoming fall presentation.  We have some beautiful fall scenery in Central Illinois and I’ll be bringing it to you as ususal.

Thanks for being continuing followers of, Elm Drive Images.

Dan O. De Ment 😆

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