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Waiting for Spring

When you find yourself closed in during the winter months Spring is foremost on your mind.  The flowers in bloom, the new life, people having the ability to walk or ride in shirt sleeves and shorts, and, we move the clocks forward.  (Spring ahead and Fall back.) “Daylight Savings Time,” begins in th U.S. March 12th.

All the outdoor jobs need to be started, ie; scraping and painting the deck, replacing or painting windows on the home or garage, replacing trim on the garage, raking the yard to allow the new grass room to grow, caulking here and there around the house and garage, and cleaning out the garden for new growth. (to mention a few.)

Everything feels different in the Spring, doesn’t it?  The birds are singing their Spring songs, the air smells fresh and clean, at first – then the locust trees blossom with a fragrance that some love and others hate. Then, in the Central U.S., the honeysuckle blossoms with another powerful fragrance.  (allergy sufferers beware!) Meanwhile, many floral species have already bloomed and we’re enjoying their beauty. Downpours happen regularly to help everything grow to its full potential, while we hope the rains don’t plug our gutters with falling tree buds.  (I finally got smart and bought a utlilty pump that sets down, halfway, in my deck, and pumps out the water through a garden hose so the eight inch deep area under the deck doesn’t overflow and allow  water to find its way into our kitchen.

So, get ready, be prepared, and enjoy it.  Don’t forget to have your allergy medicine close at hand.  Oh yes, one more thing, why does March always feel like it lasts forever?

Dan O. De Ment


Up the Woodland Trail


I shot this image at our local Nature Center near the end of October 2016.

Dan O.De Ment

At Peace in the Park


Dan O. De Ment

Leafy Earth Tones of Fall


I shot this today with numerous other images I’ll be uploading in the next couple of weeks.  The rustic earth tones of the oak on the left caught my eye right away.  Later on I’ll be uploading some beautiful orange and red leafy trees and leaves.  This shot was taken at a local park.  The hillside is used for sliding in the winter when the snow is abundant.  The children love it because it’s long but not steep enough to scare them off.

Dan O. De Ment

Lonely, Fall Woodland


I shot this image at Jubilee College State Park in Central Illinois in the fall of 2012. You could have heard a pin drop that morning.

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