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Look Who Came Over For Lunch

This Doe browsed her way past our back door at about 12:20PM this afternoon.  I looked up from my tablet and there she was.  I could not get a front on shot as long as I waited.  She was about four paces off our back deck.

Dan O. De Ment

An update on our birds.

Well, it appears our Female Cardinal has abandoned her nest. We had a rain a few days ago and she has been nowhere to be seen since. The good news is a Catbird seems to be taking some interest in the abandoned nest.

In the front of our condo a Robin is building a nest right outside our kitchen window. She’s been very busy.

I’ll try and get some pictures as soon as it warms up a stops raining – somtime next week.

Here’s a look at how green things are becoming in our neighborhood.

Dan o. De Ment




Female Cardinal on her Nest

4-16-2020  Well, she’s on the nest for the second day in a row.  She disappeared for a day or so.  We had a littlet snow.  Tonight we could get three to five inches.  I don’t know if the eggs will make it.   Meanwhile, I don’t know where the male flew off to.  We haven’t seen him feeding her. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Dan O. De Ment


The Cardinal and her little Family


SHE’s in there!  It’s hard to shoot through glass at an angle. I’m afraid these images won’t break the bank.  Whatever!  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get outside and take some decent images before everyone is fone.

4-10-2020  In the past few days I’ve been amazed, along with my wife, Jean, watching a Female Cardinal, slowly but doggedly, build a nest for her coming youngsters.  The nest is being built not 15 feet from our sliding glass door – and on top of a low schrub.  She is very diligent in her efforts.  Placing little sticks and other materials ever so gently into place.  Then she’ll scoot about creating a rounded bottom where she’ll slide back and forth smoothing out a round egg laying spot for her and her coming brood. Meanwhile, her mate, the dashing Red Male, sits guarding the whole business about 20 to 30 feet away in a tree.  This entire labor continues on and off during the daylight hours.  When evening approaches the two of them disappear until the next day.  When I first look out in the morning – at first light, she’s usually on rhe nest.

4-11-2020  It’s another day and our female is on and off the nest.  No sign yet she’s started a family.  May be ro early?

4-12-2020 More to come!

Dan O. De Ment




Spring is popping out in Central Illinois



Spring is really starting to flourish in Central Illinois.  Everywhere green leaves our changing the landscape.  This image was shot right out our back door and all down the valley the color is the same.  Nice to see new life when the world is in such a chaotic state right now with the  Coronavirus.

Dan O. De Ment




Add images from Camera to Tablet

I stopped using my desktop computer due to running Windows 7 and no longer getting support. I will be getting a laptop with Windows 10 one of these days, I hope. Anyway, for those of you who do not know this, I discovered a way to load camera images onto my tablet – then I can upload them directly to Elm Drive images without using another program. I went online and ordered a connector for the sole purpose of connecting my mouse to my tablet for copying and pasting purposes. GREAT IDEA, RIGHT? NOT SO GREAT!. An android device will not let you paste after you copy. You must use that dumb double finger dohicky. Then once you do get a copy, at least in my case, you can’t paste to a different site.

Anyway, this same $1.43 short connector, noted above, which I ordered from, “MONOPRICE” resolved a different problem. It will cost you more to ship it to your home than it costs to purchase it.

What a find! I’d been setting here for days not contemplating the possibility that the connector might solve another problem by using a camera connector and the new connector to export pictures. It worked perfectly. You plug the micro end of the new, $1.43 connector into your tablet and the USB end of the new connnector into your camera cord USB end – then plug the micro end of your camera cable into your camera. I did this and it immediately exported the images on my camera to the tablet while asking me which ones I wanted to export…just click on, ALL, and bingo, your camera pictures are on you Tablet.

I hope this isn’t confusing. Just take it slow if it sounds like a mess. It’s not and as I said, it works.

Dan O. De Ment

Barred Owl Resting

I looked out the sliding glass door to our deck and this beautiful, Barred Owl, was sitting on a branch checking out the area. I am not a fan of raptors but he was asking to be photographed. Sorry it’s a bit hazy.

Dan O. De Ment

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