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Formula 1 Racing Start


I had a bit of fun here.  I’m a big fan of Formula 1 racing and shot this image off my TV.  Loaded it into Aviary, cropped and sharpened it and, you see the result.  Why don’t you have a little fun with your photography once in a while?

Dan O. De Ment



Quiet Country Lane

Quiet Country Lane_edited-1_wm

This country lane is located at Jubilee College State Park just 15 minutes outside of Peoria, Illinois.  Shadowed on the left foreground is a bean field and in the distance – a corn field. The image was shot on an early, partly cloudy, summer evening.

Dan O. De Ment

I Need Help!

I deleted my top right menu, Fine Art America. It was a logo via code that I had uploaded through a wordpress text widget. I CAN’T DO IT NOW, I go to Fine Art America, copy the code, come back to wordpress, go down the widgets to the text widget, grab it and move it up the right menu. When I try to open it there is nowhere for me to enter the code…no text box…no title box…Nothing! The top of it says Text Widget and the lower portion says save or cancel. (THIS IS REALLY NUTS) I’m sure I am doing something wrong but what? Why won’the the text widget open so I can paste the code into it,
I’m stumped!

Thanks in advance.

Dan O. De Ment

This is the new reality!


For years, back in my day, we’d get up and read the paper with a cup of coffee in hand.  Today, in most cases, we get up to our Nooks, IPhones, Sombodys Phone, IPads, etc. including our laptop computers.  Having been around since we had party line telephones it’s a reamarkable move forward for today’s young people.  A rotary phone to today’s younger generation is a dinosaur…some have never even seen one. Things move on and we need to keep up. I suppose the day will come when there will be no wires visible anywhere.  Won’t that be big?

Dan O. De Ment